About Shanks Organics

Shanks Organics is a trading name of Shanks Waste Management, a division of Shanks Group plc.

Founded in 1880 by Guy Shanks and Andrew McEwan, the company has been involved in processing food waste since 2007 with the acquisition of Orgaworld, a leading Dutch organic waste treatment company.

Although a well-established technology in mainland Europe, Shanks were one of the pioneers of bringing this innovative technology to the UK, having had an operational facility in 2010, amongst only a handful of other plants.

This plant quickly outgrew its capacity, and is in the process of undergoing an upgrade. When complete, it will be able to process 120,000 tonnes of food waste per year.

Building on the success of this plant, another new facility was built in Buckinghamshire shortly after. This new plant is capable of avoiding the landfill of 48,000 tonnes of food waste each year.